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Coordination Organization
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FRANCO the Franschhoek Resource and Network Co-ordinating Organization is a registered PBO that was founded in 2005 by Ron Whytock, a retired airline pilot who saw the impact on those without the means or capabilities to support themselves in our Franschhoek community.  FRANCO is concerned that the gap between the wealthy and the disadvantaged continues to grow, and we therefore encourage people and communities to empower themselves, acknowledging the fundamental role education and training play in the upliftment of our society.

FRANCO currently runs five main portfolios, namely Education, Social Development & Youth, Community, Economic Inclusion & Emergencies. As an example of social upliftment, FRANCO has been running an Unemployment Support Group for the past 3 years with an 80% success rate in employability and placements. We also work closely with other NGOs, Schools, the local Franschhoek Tourism Office, and Social Workers to offer the most targeted assistance to the vulnerable and needy in the Franschhoek Valley. In the case of Extreme Emergencies FRANCO helps to co-ordinate first relief efforts, as was the case during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the recent devastating floods which thankfully spared human loss but caused immeasurable damage to both our infrastructure and our personal safety.

“We always strive to help and coordinate the efforts of any person, group, company, charity, or welfare organization engaged in improving the lives of not only historically disadvantaged people, but any person, of any color, religion, race, or language who has fallen upon hard times”.

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